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Our Core Principles

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Selfless service of others.

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Be true to your words and actions at all times. 

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Always give your best effort, whatever your best is that day.



Never judge, regardless of how well you may know the situation.

Our Mission

Money is more than "just money" to us. Many of our biggest problems and concerns in life have to do with money: earning it, spending it, investing it, and especially, losing it. These financial stressors have a deep-rooted impact on every single aspect of an individual and family's life; whether it's chronic stress, mental health issues, divorce, or a lack of opportunities.

It is our mission to help liberate Canadians and give them peace of mind through financial literacy and advice.  We host free financial literacy workshops and offer free financial planning services to single parents, immigrants, individuals with a disability, low income households, and more.


Our hope is to educate and empower our workshop attendees to understand their finances. More importantly, we hope to be able to guide our financial planning clients to take control of their money and help them with unbiased financial advice. In essence, we aspire to educate and serve our clients when it comes to their finances and hope that it leads to a better life.

Our Misson
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